For those of you in the Paris region today you could do much worse than pop along to the open day being held by the only British  female licenced trainer in France, Vicky Haigh at her base at 22 Ave Racine, Maisons Laffitte . It will be a lovely experience looking at the horses and meeting the trainer plus  all the champagne and smoked salmon you can down will also be available. The facilities there are fantastic and Vicky knows how to get her charges spot on so she is worthy of support. The prizemoney is now so good in France that even the lowest grade of horse could put his/her owner in profit and that is the complete opposite of what happens here in Ireland and the UK. There is also a travel subsidy of up to 3,000 euros given to owners in France for their horses and that would be laughed out of court in our countries.

I can’t name the animal involved today but there will be a big announcement breaking soon as to the arrival in Ireland of one of the most sought after National Hunt stallions around. The horse currently stands in France but a deal has been agreed and it could be finalized in the coming days. I am informed that the horse in question could even be here for the coming breeding season but that is unconfirmed but if you have no plans made yet for your mare then I would suggest you watch all the usual sites for the news.

I hope an understrength Waterford will serve it up to Clare today and that Klopp will be celebrating after beating all you United fans out there !!!


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