Taunton 2 30 : My poor form continues, however we must trundle along, the site will return to profit but am down a whopping 19 points for the year and this is totally uncharted territory for us as we are used to being in profit. Today, two of our German purchases take each other on and the team will be very disappointed if we do not win this race. Floresco is more of a long term staying handicapper so it will be a bit of a shock if he can handle LAC LEMAN. Racing is such an unforgivable and surprising sport that you can just never tell, we are still in shock over Ibis Du Rheu for example. That race on Saturday was a farce and in no way can the horse be judged on that , scant relief for those of you who backed him on my advice but we will see his true ability in the future. Getting back to LAC LEMAN, he has lucked out insofar as to the quality of this event and in fairness if he is to live up to my high hopes for him  then nothing other than a convincing win will suffice. 2 pts win at 11/10 PP.


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