Delighted to see such a turnout for the great KEN MCGRATH last night. Himself and Mullane are two of the greatest ever to pull on a Waterford jersey. Ken was a warrior supreme and you did not mess with him but oh so talented as well. We might never see the like of him again in a Waterford jersey. It is terrific to see him recovering from his illnesss and I wish you and your family the very best in the future great man.

On a completely different note I am probably in a minority of one but I feel a bit sorry for Suarez. Of course he has all the money in the world but he is in a dark place and there is no cure. I don’t think they should have banned him but instead sent him for 4 months of treatment and make him donate to the needy. Dunphy was correct to say he would rather a bite than have his leg broken. I never got bitten on the field so I have no idea how bad it would be but surely it can’t be that bad and Jesus I would pay 100,000k to be bitten by Uma Thurman any day or night [ even just one gobble].

Anyway let’s try and make some of that 100 k to try and entice Uma over to Waterford.

Curragh. I think KINGSTON HILL might be able to overturn Australia. The fav is no value [1/5] and he just might bounce so 1 pt win Kingston Hill at 4/1.

The following are worth backing.

Newcastle 2 40. DANZENO , 2 pts win and nap at 5/2 PP.

Newcastle 3 15. DREAM WALKER ,11/2, 1 pt win PP.

Newcastle 3 50, TOTALIZE , 12/1, 1 pt win PP.

Newcastle 4 25, AMAZE , 9/2, 1 PT win PP.

Newmarket 2 55, SHEIKHZAYEDROAD , 3/1 ,1 pt win PP.

Newmarket 3 30. TOP NOTCH TONTO , 12/1, 1 pt win PP.

Newmarket 5 15, LLARNARMON LAD , 9/4, 1 pt win PP.

Chester 4 30, ENGLISH SUMMER, 3/1 ,2 pts win and nap ,PP.

Windsor 3 05, BORDER LEGEND, 10/3, 1 pt win PP.

Curragh 6 10, NATEEJA 3/1, 1 pt win PP.

I have plumped for Brian Ellison to have a great day . He , Mark Johnston and Richard Fahey are in outstanding form so basically they should all have winners.


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