I was driving home from the hospital last night and whilst in conversation with a trainer over an impending new purchase from Germany the same [trainer] who never yet gave me good news calmly announced ”oh an own goal by Brazil”.

I cursed the whole way back to base thinking my first goalscorer bets on Neymar were gone until I met my nephew and was relaying the story to him and of course at this stage Neymar had scored the equaliser . He said you are a winner on that bet and he then produced the PP rules which state an own goal does not count and the next goal is deemed to be the first so you can imagine my delight. I will tweet the returns on my Twitter account soon. All you soccer aficionados would have known this rule anyway. It allowed us a 1/2 pt profit on the day after both horses lost so plus 48 overall now.

Erlkonig has just been declared for Sunday in a wildly competitive 16 runner Cork Derby with young Tom Madden clainimg 7. He and young Corby are two outstanding prospects and we intend to use either whenever possible. Tahira also runs tomorrow in a 50k race at Chester. More on that very smart filly later.


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