Lochnagar. I don’t know what to say really. This horse is running nowhere near his best German and French form since he came over. He looked a picture in the parade ring but did not finish his race. I know some of you are saying he didn’t look too busy but I certainly lost my money on him. I am very disappointed with this horse after this display. I rated him very highly and was thrilled when we were able to get him. I just hope he gets his act together for his new owners. He is our first downside from Germany.

My confidence in another of ours, ERLKONIG, in the 2 10 at Killarney today has also decreased due to the bad weather. We have been waiting for sometime now to run him and have been forced to withdraw him on several occasions as he needs genuine decent ground. Here we are now and the heavens have opened yet again but he is going to run anyway as we are just sick of it. He is a really smart horse on his favoured terrain but that will not apply today. Because of his class I am going to have a 1 pt win on him in any case. He worked and schooled brilliantly the other day under the champion jockey and he takes the ride.

1 pt win ERLKONIG at best available price in the morning. I will update then.


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