Barry Connell must be applauded for withdrawing The Tullow Tank from Cheltenham. He has taken the only course of action open to him which is in stark contrast to the Gigginstown line of ”unwavering support” for the innocent until proven guilty Philip Fenton.

Eddie O’Leary’s statement the other day was given without much thought. I hope he was referring only to the horses Gigginstown have in training with Fenton when he said Philip never had any horse fail a test. He obviously forgot about Dunguib being disqualified after winning the Punchestown bumper after testing positive for a banned substance with the trainer being fined 3,000 euros.

Philip Fenton is an innocent man today and that is a fact. He, no more than any of us should be accorded decency and understanding at this time. However, I cannot in anyway see how Last Installment or Dunguib can now run at Cheltenham. The BHA will rightly want to take the moral high ground on this issue following their total mishandling of the Nicky Henderson and Godolphin/ Gerard Butler doping scandals in the recent past. It is amazing to me how Henderson got away so lightly and to this day nobody wants to talk about his involvement in the Queen’s horse being doped. Henderson ordered his vet James Main to administer a clotting agent agent called Tranexamic to Moonlit Path hours before the Royal filly was to run at Huntingdon. James Main was struck off and can’t practice in his profession anymore as a result. Henderson got a three month ban in the middle of Summer when he would have had hardly any runner in any case.

Imagine this. Dunguib wins the Coral Cup or Last Instalment wins the Gold Cup. It doesn’t bear thinking about as to what might happen in the aftermath. One can only guess what the headlines would be.

The very busy HRI and Turf Club need to lead. They had no problem doing me in over a silly misunderstanding regarding a late cheque going through to my account regarding North Lodge some years ago and actually put me on the forfeit list for a few months, ever since I only credit my account before having a runner so disgusted was I with their behaviour, an error that they accepted responsibility for in the finish.

Irish racing in on the verge here and this could tip it over the edge. There are rumours that there could be up to a dozen more cases pending regarding banned substances. It is time for Egan and Co. to halt the slide and do it now.

The Government have given them tens of millions to police the sport and yet we now have have a situation where the Turf Club or HRI didn’t even know this case was coming up in the courts. How incredible is that ?

Ireland was a once proud nation, not anymore. The Michelle Smith scandal, the huge question marks over cycling and some of our athletes , our bastard bankers and Fine Gael/Labour Government who have pillaged their people on behalf of the EMU/IMF and foreign banking institutions/bondholders have all shown us to be a sort of maverick State.

Our racing industry is one of our shining lights. It is starting to flicker . We are on the edge.

1 pt win at 6/1 Philip Fenton to have no runner at Cheltenham with Paddy Power. It takes all sorts !!


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