Time pressures have kept me away again from the site and I had been on a bad run of form also. I am plus 17.75 presently. Plenty has happened obviously in the meantime. Firstly , I must talk about CUE CARD.

CUE CARD was very good to us last season and I rate him one of the best around. He has a great engine and is normally a fluent and exciting fencer. His record first time out in his four campaigns to run is 1111. He has a tall order in giving lumps of weight away to everything but I must go for him to win again even at such a short price. Paddy Power are going 11/8 and a 2 pts win and nap at that.

I must congratulate Derrick McGrath and Dan Shanahan and the rest of the new Waterford Senior Hurling management team on their appointment. I welcome their arrival and am certain that this is a great new beginning for the players and the county. There is no reason at all why we shouldn’t go all the way and I just cannot wait for the new season.

Similar sentiments to Martin O’ Neill and Roy Keane on their impending new jobs managing Ireland. This is fantastic news for all genuine Irish supporters. O’Neill has had a great career in management bar his sacking at Sunderland. He will bring a sense of pride and common sense to the table something that had been sadly lacking under Trap.

Roy Keane. I am thrilled that he is back. One of the truly all time great Irishmen. One of the greatest players of any generation , he did a fantastic job at Sunderland, a fact that seems to have been lost on many people. Ipswich was only ok but nobody seems to be able to manage them. It was interesting to hear Tony O’ Donoghue on RTE this evening talk about Roy Keane’s rehabilitation and building bridges with the Irish people. Tony, it is some of the aforementioned Irish people who needed to build the bridges with Roy. The man is a winner, always was and always will be. This is a great appointment and like with Waterford the anticipation is almost too much.

It is great to have so much to look forward to.


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