It was nice to see Tony Mullins land with Sam Da Vinci yesterday . The horse won a bit more comfortably than the two lengths margin suggests. He did come off the bridle for a bit three out but quickly came back on it and then idled badly when in front. Lot’s of horses that are winning for the first time show this particular trait so I would not be worried about it at all. I have written in detail before about horses being herd animals which means they like the comfort of their own around them and will wait in front for company when racing , especially so near the end of a race when they get tired. They will prick their ears which means they still have reserves of energy left even though they have raced hard.

The annoying Matt Chapman tried to tell his audience on the brilliant Attheraces channel one day that horses who prick their ears have nothing left in the tank and he was vehement about it. Matt, stick to presenting [ which you are good at] and leave the mechanics of the racehorse to those that understand them and work with them on a daily basis otherwise you should jump ship and go work with RUK where you can join the unbelievably annoying Lydia Hislop and Dave Yeats amongst others [ there are too many to mention]. I will never forgive her for her childish remarks regarding Barney Curley one night at Kempton on RUK and choose to ignore her upper class training friends who handicap their horses and then run up strings of victories. I challenged her to a debate but of course she refused because she knew I would show her up. Gutter journalism from her. The challenge still stands if you want to take it up Lydia, otherwise report fairly or shut up ………

More later….


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