I am back to plus 84.5 after a black Sunday. I never look for plaudits when I get it right and I will publicly slate myself when it goes wrong. Yesterday was such a day.

There is a reason for everything. It is possible now that Sam Da Vinci is not up to it and that I am just plain wrong about him. Therefore he has now to be crossed off the list. He did rap the second hurdle and never jumped with any fluency thereafter but no more excuses. I got it wrong.

IVANHOWE will continue in bold print on this site until he runs another plonker like he did in the Derby. I have a rule and it is ” you always forgive a horse one bad run when circumstances or otherwise might have conspired against him/her ”. I did talk about the poor state of the ground at Hamburg on my preview but I never expected the rough , hard ,churned up sod that they raced on yesterday. IVANHOWE hated it and never strode out at any stage. I have to ignore this run and while that is scant consolation to those of you who lumped on [ sorry] that is the way of this game. My site churned out a huge profit in season one and is comfortably on track for another chunky plus this year. Just stick with every bet and you will be fine. IVANHOWE WILL REDEEM HIS REPUTATION. I did give Lucky Speed , the winner, a strong mention.

GALWAY surprised me in their tame attempt to win the Leinster Final. Dublin , in fairness were superb. Hats off to them, they were powerful. They had an edge in strength, speed, touch, striking and overall fitness. Don’t be fooled though as regards Galway. I listened with interest to what Anthony Cunningham had to say in the immediate post match interview. I am going to explain in greater detail later this week why they are still my tip to win the All Ireland and why they must be backed.

Waterford v KIlkenny. I am going to do a full preview of this game and will go into tactical detail of how we can put it up to the mighty Cats. I hope none of my friends on the panel will take any offence at what I have to say as I rate them all and will support them no matter what. They are terrific.

I thought Waterford’s own JOHN MULLANE was superb on RTE Radio 1 Sport yesterday. He has made the move into media seamlessly and has huge knowledge on his sport. I still hope he will come back to play next year and will continue to try and persuade him to do so but in the meantime we should all listen to his superb analysis.

More soon…


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