One bet and one 5/2 winner yesterday so plus 98 overall.

I will do the weekend review later in week as this is a very important source of future winners. I am finding it difficult to talk about the 2000 Guineas as it has left a very poor taste.

Of course Sky Lantern went and won the 1000 and after all the column inches I have written about her over the past 7 months so it was disappointing I did not advise her. She is something else.

It should be obvious to anyone that has a serious involvement in racing that Hot Snap ”bounced”. She is out of the top drawer and her position as a top notch Grade 1 performer is simply delayed.


I walked in to The Park Hotel for a few pints of Guinness after our Championship match against Lismore on Sunday. We scraped home by a single point against a very well organised and high quality side from the West. They will be extremely difficult to beat before the season is finished in the Autumn.

The match itself was no place for the faint hearted. Some of the best tackling and challenges with a little bit extra thrown in for good measure that one could hope to see.The sight of blood didn’t faze anybody. We all just shook hands after the game.

Imagine then the sight of the long bushy haired girl DAVID LUIZ writhing around in supposed agony after a little tap from Rafael. How do fans put up with this bollocksing around from these posers ? He smiled on the ground as the not much better Rafael was being sent off. He would have run off the pitch in Fraher Field if he saw a Jordan Shanahan or Rory Rice type figure coming at him. The gates at the back of the goal on to the road entrance would want to have been left open to leave him out. Such a pussy. He and the rest of them make me sick and I am a soccer fan.

A selection or two later……..


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