The big doping story starring Mahmmod Al Zarooni broke recently and the racing authorities are stunned like rabbits caught in headlights. Shame on them and of course THE DOPERS.

Is Mahmmood Al Zarooni the dope or should this charge be levelled elsewhere ? I find the whole business incredible. Does Zarooni really want us to believe that he brought the drugs in from Dubai, drove around in his car, opened the window , scribbled the name of five horses on a piece of paper and handed it and the syringes to one of his assistants and told him to dope those horses?? We have a comedian here in Ireland called Pat Shortt and he did a brilliant comedy series for RTE television called Killinakully and I swear to God even he could not come up with a better script than this bullshit story. Godolphin and it’s horses are now under the closest scrutiny and their other stables are being tested by the BHA currently.

I still wince when I see the likes of that Lydia Hislop on our television screens uttering veiled old sarcastic remarks about Barney Curley having a nicely backed winner rather than doing her job and questioning what is going on right underneath our noses. She and her like make me sick. In case some of you who are new to this blog and don’t know what I am on about, please scroll way back on this site and you will see the point I am making.

The lid has been blown off the steroid jar. Another UK trainer came out and admitted using the drug ,albeit an innocent breach. Roger Charlton has had a go at the Australians and rightly so.

I wouldn’t be so sure about our little so called beautiful Emerald Isle either. For those of you that didn’t know we are living in a semi dictatorship but even that didn’t stop some of our athletes from using drugs and ruining our reputation in the sporting world. The people were fooled here big time in the recent past and I still have a bad bad feeling . If only we had more leaders like Roy Keane and give two fingers to the inept eejits who run our sports and brave journalists like Kimmage and Walsh who risked everything to tell the truth.

This is a huge weekend on the world racing stage. Yesterday I watched a programme previewing the Kentucky Derby and the English 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas plus other big races. I can tell you right now that in my opinion one of the horses shown did not look right. I am almost one hundred per cent sure that this horse is not clean. This is just an observation on my part , nothing else , no prior knowledge or anything like that . It is just a strong hunch and my hunches have been pretty spot on .The name of the horse is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . Now I have to go .




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