I have to say that for a Monday the two remaining meetings are not too bad at all.

Carlisle 12 50. I have outlined many a time on the site about the importance of being fresh. It is essential in every sport and none more so than in racing when you are faced with an animal that is either light framed or nervous or being a mare. Sometimes all these three go together. Light framed means they do not carry any bulk condition which would help them for a long campaign without much rest. Nervous of course means they are consistently burning up their energy reserves and will run out of strength much too quickly for those punishing last couple of furlongs and could not take races too close together . Mares are naturally lighter framed than their male counterparts and they have additional worries in life also ,just like our own little two legged superstars whom of course are alaways a rock of sense and would never be prone to ‘losing it’ or acting up ‘ I wish !!! Hence a mare that is light framed and nervous and suffers from life’s little crises can more often than not find it very hard to take two races close together .That is why our good friend Nick Mordin came up with the ‘rest pattern theory’.

Tipsy Dara in this first race is such an animal . She is deadly fresh but has used up her first run, winning well and now reappears here 30 days later. This is the real litmus test as she should theoretically
be able to take this , her second run off a break . She has not before but she did not have the 30 day rest.

1 point win 9/4.

More soon , it will be a rush but couple of good bets to come . It will be short and sweet when I post them…….


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