Good day to you,

A decent return of 5.5 points profit yesterday. That takes us up to plus 224.75 . Very happy with that.

Great win for Celtic the other night. Thought Rod Stewart was milking it.

If Barcelona were a horse he would be up before the stewards but that should take nothing away from Lennon’s men. Messi of course is the greatest footballer of all time but I believe that Barca only really click when Busquets is playing. As great as Xavi and Iniesta are it is Busquets who conducts the Catalan orchestra. He constantly hoovers up and is prompting and probing like no other. Pass after pass and never a stray one. His touch on the ball is immaculate and he is the gel that sticks it all together which allows Barcalona to railroad opponents on the biggest of nights. They even play him as emergency centre back at times. His one negative of course is that he dives. I was surprised Pep allowed him grow into this terrible habit and it does detract from his game. I don’t think he is as bad at it this season.

I got a chance to see some of the Europa Cup also.

Jordan Henderson of course impressed again when given the chance for a poor Liverpool side but they still lost. The Liverpool fans are really alarming me over this player. He is no Sergio Busquets but he epitomises everything for me that a central midfielder should be. He plays the roll superbly. His positioning is perfect, he is always available and his passing is nearly always spot on. He can tackle and he has a never say die attitude and is very fit. If Rodgers continues to play the likes of Shelvey and Sterling and co before the talented midfield man then is it any wonder they look like a team stuck in the headlights. I hope for Henderson’s sake that he moves away from Anfield if the manager continues to ignore him. I imagine another defeat awaits the beleaguered and mismanaged Merseysiders when they travel to the totally dislikeable Chelsea on Sunday.

Anyway I hope to have more winners for you today. Back soon….



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