This job does not pay well when you consider the amount of hours that went into this weekend and I show .8 of a point profit. I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies as most people lost their absolute stand up. Results were difficult but hey, .8 is .8 and I am now on 205.5 overall. I hope to add to this today. I am chipping along but am overdue some luck from the Gods above and when that inevitably happens I will fire the winners in. I want to be on 250 for the dreaded Christmas period.

I am religious as much as the next person and believe in the afterlife but I hate everything else that the festive season stands for with a couple of exceptions, the horse racing and the over hyped and short on skill Premiership.

I must say I never liked Alex Ferguson that much but I must applaud him and Wenger for their backing of referee Clattenburg in the sorry saga of whether he used racist remarks against Chelsea players. Well done Fergie and Wenger and Harry Redknapp for coming out so strong on the issue. I think Chelsea are a disgrace the way the are behaving.

Most genuine supporters know it did not happen. I believe it could not have happened. Shame on Chelsea. They were once a model club. What would Harris, Bonnetti , Tambling, Osgood and others think of this carry on ?

Anyway my first selection of the day is as follows.

SHU LEWIS in 4 05 at Leopardstown. SHU LEWIS 14/1 generally. I think she has a great chance even off a mark of 95 and top weight. Her form is very progressive and should be involved. 1 pt each way 14/1.

More coming later…….


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