You have heard it said numerous times before by the so called wise old sages who will utter those sickening words to you just after your fancy has fallen when clear at the last, ”sure luck evens itself out”. Jesus it just drives me insane almost . I would like to roar back ,”where can I cash that ” ?

I had the most beautiful 500 euro win on SPEED DIAL at 7/2 today in the 2 25 at Clonmel and as he bounded clear coming to the last hurdle I had that almost smug feeling about how sharp I was in tipping and backing him only for everything to be dashed when he hit the top bar of the hurdle and took a crashing fall. 2,250 euros disappeared in one second . He would have won easily.

That awful empty, helpless, hapless, lonely ,maddening,sickening feeling just engulfs you. The cat is lucky she is not around. She could be in danger of a thunderous right boot that Messi would be proud of . I was on the points of recovering my equilibrium when ,yes, you guessed it ,that wise old sage called me up and ushered , ”that luck will even itself out”.

He was certainly wrong on that one, today anyway, as Surprise Moment [our third selection] got murdered mid race when cruising into contention and in my opinion would have collected.Thankfully, Sentaril won at a generous 10/3 so I actually made a small profit of .3 of a point overall.

Now, if as luck evens itself out we are in for a right few days…


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