Good day to you all,

I don’t know what happened to Scintilullla  . She left me down for the lottery when failing to run her race. I said here before about the unpredictability of the female species and that is after nearly three decades of devotion to that cause  in trying to figure them out. I even enlisted the help of Arthur Guinness , Jack Daniels and several other well meaning people to help me in my quest. Alas , all to no avail. Don’t get me wrong here ladies , I mean this as a compliment , you can outthink , outbattle and  out manoeuvre us poor men all the time . God himself then only added to the problem by putting such beauties like Uma Thurman and Jennifer Anniston on to the planet just to drive us nuts altogether but all that doesn’t t give Scintilulla the right to choose yesterday as HER time of the month .

Trading Leather was very impressive yesterday as predicted. To the naked eye you might say no but the clock never lies. I can reveal now, exclusively to you, that something really extraordinary happened in this race yesterday.

I spoke at length with The Great One [ Nick Mordin ] post race and while I cannot ruin his upcoming articles etc I can tell you that Trading Leather and the second, Montiridge, have smashed the clock . I would love to go into more detail now regarding that aspect of the race but  as outlined above I will have to wait until later in the week to explain the sectionals and what really happened .  Nick’s article in The Irish Field next Saturday will be worth reading , that I can assure you.

I can give you my visual impression of the race , Trading Leather broke smartly and managed to get to within one off the favoured stand side rail. He and the eventual third Eye Of The Storm set a really good even gallop with very decent fractions . Montiridge , [ runner up] broke a little tardily before bursting into life , so much so in fact that he fought his brilliant jockey Hughes for fully one furlong at least . This is important to note when making a final call on the quality of this above average event. The two leaders kept winding it up at the front and as they met the famous Newmarket dip Kevin Manning went for his race , he extended rather than showing a lightning change of pace but off such a strong pace that saw all the opposition off bar Montiridge.

Hughes now had his horse controlled and looked full of running as they entered the dip but to my eye the horse became unbalanced , almost splaying out his off hind leg as he did so . This is common at Newmarket , several horses have become unbalanced as they enter the ‘dip’ and can take several strides to get back on an even keel as a result. Richard Hughes of course is one of the greatest horsemen of all time and he skillfully corrected his mount in the blink of an eye and had him rolling again and hard on the steel up besides Trading Leather .

This is where  I am convinced I saw something great unfolding . Hughes thought he only had to press the button to win , he did and the horse answered his call , quickening up to go slightly ahead but Manning’s mount responded in tremendous fashion to rally and get back up to win . Some fifty yards after the line he was clear. I say he was terrific in victory for the following reason. Greatness and how you define it has caused many a high stool argument over the years and also major disagreement between commentators and academics alike. Messi v Pele and Best and Maradonna, Eddery v Piggott, Sugar Ray v Hagler , etc ,etc stc. Again ,I think Mordin has the answer as usual. In horse racing terms he claims that greatness can be defined by how many times a horse can fend off successive challenges in a high class race . I agree.

Trading Leather turned away a high class field yesterday and then when looking swamped by Montiridge he said NO, you are not going by .That toughness allied to his undoubted speed and stamina marks him as great to me.

I would say that both of these horses are out of the top drawer and are serious Group one animals. Trading Leather will win at least one Derby next year and Montiridge will win the 2,000 Guineas for sure and if he stays at a mile then I think he will be champion in that league also.

I have already advised a 1 pt win at 25/1 on Trading Leather for the Derby [ now 16/1] and i am adding a 2 pts win on Montiridge for the 2,000 Guineas at best odds ,  will update that price later.




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