The simple question to ask when looking at this match is …. How big is the gulf in class between Germany and Ireland ? My answer is , huge . The gap grows even further when you compare both sets of management teams.

Trapattoni is out of touch , Tardelli is happy to wag his tail. When the inevitable happens tonight they will trot out Brady [ former part of the management team] on RTE and he will claim we are not good enough to compete with the superior technical Germans and that we have to play this way [ negative boring shit ]. Brady has lost his footballing soul. I pity him, he does not even believe what he is saying.

There is one small chance tonight for Ireland insofar as a possible rift between the over rated Schweinsteiger and manager Low and some of his team mates. My sources tell me this in fact is true. Low has put it down to Schwinsteiger feeling dejected after Bayern losing both  the Bundesliga to Dortmund last year and when Chelsea [ terrible outfit in every way] stole the Champions League from them after parking the bus in front of the goal. I always expect management to manage and I do not see this stroppy behaviour from Schweinsteiger having that much of an effect on morale.

That last paragraph is the only chance we have of getting anything out of this game. The joker Trap was qouted yesterday saying ” I wish to remember the final of the Champions League last year when Bayern Munich were favourites to win and they had 17 corners to Chelsea’s 3 and the Stamford bridge outfit won the game ”. That single sentence tells us all we want to know about Trapattoni’s footballing philosophy.

Another straw to clutch at for Ireland tonight is the fact that Keane and Whelan and a few more are out injured , thus enabling us to get somewhere near a half decent team but that will not matter in the final scheme of things because the players have been brow beaten into negativity by this banal manager.

I believe that Trapattoni’s  plain but elegant and intelligent translator Manuela Spinelli was on an RTE music show last night playing the cello. That is interesting because she could be back up to Brady and Tardelli who would both be playing the fiddle and Trap as the lead playing The Pied Piper and leading us all over the cliff to the boring death that we deserve .

Germany to toy with us and win by 2 clear goals. 1 pt at 11/10 Germany -1 goal.








Ps . It is an absolute scandal that Shane Long is not starting but he is just another player being punished under this crazy regime.





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