195 points profit is our number starting out today. I hope I can get back on track.

My main bet is in the last which is the 4 50 at York, Sir John Hawkwood.

Michael Stoute is doing something very unusual for him in that he is bringing back a horse to the track just eleven days after his last run, this is very strange indeed for a man who is known for his patience, and especially so when you consider how good a horse Sir John Hawkwood really is. Does the great Sir Michael underrate this beast ? I tried to buy him after his run the last day for foreign clients but to no avail. I cannot emphasise enough how highly I rate this horse.

Sir John Hawkwood is having only his fourth lifetime start , he has won 2/3 and his defeat came on horrible heavy ground at Newmarket and he boiled over before the start also. You might argue that he did win on soft at Windsor but he simply outclassed them there and he rather flicked over the sod instead of the Newmarket terrain  where he could not pull his feet up out of the swamp. He showed his true colours the last day on fast ground back at HQ when he fairly sprinted home showing huge class and in the process running a fast time, so fast in fact that Nick Mordin eulogised about him in several of his columns since. As you might also know, Mordin is the greatest  authority in the world when it comes to rating horses and his blessing confirmed what I had seen live on my television screen.

The concern today is why are they  bringing the horse back to the track so soon. Nick  Mordin also speaks regularly about the dreaded ” bounce ” factor. That is when a horse runs a big number [fast ] last time out and he is not given enough time to recover then it can bounce and run poorly. I trust Michael Stoute to know this and surely he must be happy with his horse ,otherwise why run ? He has a poor draw also in stall 14 .Those are the negatives. However,  we are looking at a three year old  Group horse in a handicap and I am trusting Stoute to know his horse better than you or me .

2 pts win Sir John Hawkwood , now 11/4 from 7/2.

More later……


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