3 20 AYR AUGUST 14

I am certainly struggling over past few days and the overall profit now at 208 points , I need to get back on track and am hopeful that our run of poor rides, seconds, thirds and just plain bad judgement on my part is at an end.

I am going in here in a very tough handicap  in the 3 20 at Ayr but that is where the best value normally is .

SAM SHARP has been called a few names in the past due to his perceived wayward tendencies , his win to run ratio is poor considering his obvious talent but he has been the victim of circumstances and poor placing so maybe he is not all bad. He is definitely best fresh off a strong gallop and  on good ground . He has a 38 day break coming into this , I would prefer 42 but it’s ok, he has goodish ground and his handicap mark is more than workable plus his trainer is in outstanding form and the horse is well berthed in stall 3 of twelve, this will help as I feel he is better covered up for a late run.

So it is a 1point win at 6/1 , he has been supported from 9 so I am not alone in thinking that people will be nice to Sam Sharp around 3 25 today rather than lining up to sling more mud at him.


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