It will be tough to resume normal life after the spectacular Olympics plus  the amazing show that was put on by the British people . I have to tip my hat to the UK and its citizens in the professional manner in how they ran their affairs throughout the Games and if you contrast that with the absurd shambles of how we Irish have managed to balls up a simple homecoming of parking an open topped bus at Dublin Airport , put Katie and the other boxers and Cian O Connor and indeed what ever athletes wanted to travel on it and drive the bloody bus through Dublin for a well deserved tribute to our team [ medallists in particular ]. but no,oh no ,we couldn’t manage even that . Enda Kenny and Gilmore and the rest of their jokers should be ashamed, but they won’t be as you couldn’t shame those idiots. It really is sickening , I feel no allegiance whatsoever to my country anymore when I see what is being visited on our people by the aforementioned fools who celebrate bastard bankers and corrupt politicians whilst railroading  those who have given their all for this State. I have just witnessed our Junior minister welcome the team home. Where is our motormouth Sports minister Veradker today ? They are on about Wednesday as the day for the public to greet Katie and team but the moment is lost.

I would like to pay my own little tribute to Katie and indeed all of the team . Katie Taylor is a true champion and totally deserves her place now in Irish sporting history and can be ranked as high as any of our other great sportsmen and women, people like Ronnie Delaney , Eamon Coughlan,Pat Eddery, Roy Keane , Padraig Harrington and more. I really admire her hard work ethic and total dedication and her management team have shown in no uncertain terms how to prepare an athlete for a major tournament or indeed any event. Other managers and coaches please take note.

I would also say to Katie a big well done on not being afraid to speak openly about her faith and thanking Jesus for giving her the gifts that she believes he bestowed upon her , she constantly thanks God and prays everyday. It is not fashionable to speak about your faith in this country now either and she deserves all the accolades that she will now receive from the general public.

What a shower of clowns are running this country.

Horses to follow…..


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