I really like the look of the hangover racing today , several opportunities abound and surely I can keep the ball rolling.I will be very busy on the old Twitter today so be ready .

They tell me that patience is a virtue so today might test that particular theory. I have already advised King Of The Dudes in the 5 20 at Naas , by the way, if anybody knows much about his jockey then perhaps you  might enlighten us re his ability, I would appreciate a message if you do. My other late late selection has a major caveat attached to it and that is, what way is  the Wolverhampton polytrack riding, ? did they harrow deeply or lightly before the rollers went on and how tight did they roll it ? , what does all this mean do you say ?. Depending on the above and what the clerk of the course wants will determine the track bias , this is crucial , whether it will favour all front runners or closers, if its the latter then I have a nap so here goes.

Wolverhampton 8 50.: As noted above and if the track is favouring closers tonight then I make MAIN LINE  a nap bet.. This is a competitive looking heat but this lightly raced David Lanigan trained 3 year old [ yes, another three year old taking on elders ] is way better than his mark of 76 suggests. Main Line is a smallish sort and  has a dislike of a big field of horses and this type always brings  baggage to the table , in other words most of these horses  do not  like congested traffic in their races. Main Line  also seems to suffer from the  ”rest pattern ” , this means certain horses  need at least 38 days , preferably 42  days between their races ,  according to Nick Mordin, to run at their best.  To further complicate matters Main Line is a perennial hold up performer but with the 38 day break behind him and an eleven runner field [ please something be a non runner ] then it might fall into place for him. One other thing, Main Line is trained by David Laningan ,surely one of the shrewdest men in the game when it comes to laying one out for a gamble, as we speak Main Line is being hammered off the boards with the bookies , 5/1 into 7/2 and less.

Of course if the track bias is against closers and favours front runners then all of this is academic and fellow three year old Centrifugal trained by Mark Johnston will probably hold off Elijah Pepper but as it stands I am advising a 2 pts win on Main Line at 7/2 and if track bias goes against us then I will update on Twiter and have a saver on one of the prominent runners .

2 pts win  Main Line 7/2.


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